Why Water Projects?

Friendship City Project (FCP) does not work exclusively on potable water projects, but clean water projects have been a major part of what we have accomplished together with the people of the Jalapa Valley during the past quarter century. The question, naturally, is “why water?” when there are so many other types of assistance needed in a country as poor as Nicaragua, and in communities as isolated as some of the ones we have worked with in Jalapa. The first answer is that FCP believes in working on projects that the communities initiate, based on what they see as the greatest needs that FCP can help with. Clean drinking water is often the first priority for them. For FCP’s part, what we ask in return is a community contribution, not in the form of money that people don’t have, but through their volunteer labor to help make projects like this happen.

However, why is water itself so important to these communities and therefore to FCP? Many of us in the developed world take clean drinking water for granted. It flows freely from our taps, our showers, our garden hoses. In places like Jalapa, people often have no such access to clean water. They haul water from streams and wells that are often contaminated. Children are often tasked with hauling water rather than going to school. Children are also the most susceptible to waterborne diseases that cause poor health and even death. No one in Jalapa has ever asked FCP for a shiny sink, a flush toilet or a tiled shower. They ask our help in getting a water tap in their home, one tap, to provide water to drink that they can trust. Clean water is a basic human right, one that helps people live with dignity and health. Part of FCP’s mission is to help the communities of Jalapa achieve this basic right. Below is a list of some of the water projects we have worked on together with the Nicaraguan people of Jalapa.

    • Teotecacinte, 1991
    • Chusli, 1994
    • Corozo, 1997
    • El Triunfo, 1998
    • Champigny, 2002
    • Champigny extension, 2003
    • Pasmata, 2013
    • El Trapiche 2016
    • Chusli 2017, 2018


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