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Our Mission.

Building brighter futures through community partnership.

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Thank you Boulder

The Boulder City Council members and Boulder Arts Commission awarded FCP with an art education grant that will bring Nicaraguan artists to Boulder in Spring, 2019.

Save The Date for our Annual Holiday Party December 2nd, 2018. 4-7 PM

Location TBD

Nicaraguan Night at Dushanbe Teahouse

Thank you to all who came to the event, we raised over $4,000!

FCP is grateful for your support and the people of Jalapa in Nicaragua are even more grateful.

For 2018, the CU Denver School of Architecture & Design will be designing and raising funds for materials for the village of El Escambray community center.



Mission Statement We build cooperative projects between Boulder and Jalapa that bring clean water to rural communities, empower women to improve the health of their families and foster educational and leadership opportunities for youth.

FCP has been awarded another matching grant of $20,000 from the Benito & Frances C. Gaguine Foundation of Juneau, Alaska. This means your donation is automatically doubled. This matching grant is ongoing and will benefit the clean water project for the community of El Suice. We are very grateful for the continuing support from the Gaguines and from you.

In September the Chusli Water System was inaugurated thanks to your donations. It is now bringing clean safe water to 254 homes with more than 1,000 people.


As many of you might be aware, the recent events in Nicaragua are a still-unfolding tragedy. Protests that initially began in mid-April at the universities of Managua over a rise in social security taxes spread across the country, resulting in violence that has left dozens dead, most of them young people. Throughout the country, there have been calls for peace by those who want no widespread return to the violence of the 1970′s and 1980′s, and tens of thousands of ordinary Nicaraguan citizens of all ages continue to march in protest of the violence and in hopes of peace.

In our sister city of Jalapa, there was not as much turmoil as in other parts of the country and there were no deaths, but people there are quite shaken by the national tragedy of what has happened recently.

FCP is a sister city program that does not take political sides, nor do we promote any ideology or religious affiliation. However, as people who love the country of Nicaragua and have been partnered with the city of Jalapa since 1984, we also hope for a peaceful solution to this crisis. The bloodshed of April in Nicaragua is sad beyond our words to express, but it is our hope that no one has died in vain, that ultimately the meaning of these events will lead to a better, stronger union within the country.

As a sister city, we offer our deepest condolences to those who have lost loved ones, and we want everyone to know we continue to stand as one with Nicaragua.

Please write to us if you have questions about this or would like further information.

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