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Our Mission.

Building brighter futures through community partnership.

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June 11, 5-8pm Nicaraguan Night at Dushanbe Teahouse

Celebrating First Boulder sister city program at the Dushanbe Teahouse. Please check back soon for more information.
(RSVP required)

FCP is grateful for your support and the people of Jalapa in Nicaragua are even more grateful.

CU Denver School of Architecture & Design in Pasmata

From December 27th until January 12th, the CU Denver School of Architecture & Design sent a group of 15-20 students to Jalapa to work with the community of Pasmata on a construction project. the students and two professors constructed a school building for fifth & sixth graders, serving the community of 1,200 people. The students raised funds for their travel and to cover the cost of the project.

The Chusli Water System (2017/18)

Our next project will be to support the community of Chusli with a total renovation of their potable water system, serving 1,200 people. The estimated cost is $12,000 and we will raise those funds with your help. We again have a matching grant from the Gaguine Foundation to support our efforts. All donations are doubled.

Rotary Video visit to Jalapa Valley, December 2016.

A video about Nuevo-Amancer, a future project for Boulder, Jalapa Friendship City Projects, starting in January 2017.

Inside Boulder News – Volunteer of the Year, Greg Bowles.

Inside Boulder News – Volunteer of the Year from City of Boulder on Vimeo.

Friendship City Projects & Grants

The El Trapiche Team with Mark Van Nostrand

Click to watch a video


For 2016, FCP was awarded another matching grant of $20,000 from the Benito & Frances C. Gaguine Foundation of Juneau, Alaska. This means your donation is automatically doubled. This matching grant was completed in January of 2017. We are very grateful for the continuing support from the Gaguines and from you.

Mission Statement We build cooperative projects between Boulder and Jalapa that bring clean water to rural communities, empower women to improve the health of their families and foster educational and leadership opportunities for youth.