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Mark Van Nostrand

Welcome new Board Member
Mark Van Nostrand
Mark brings years of water engineering experience.

His specialties include project management, treatment plant construction, treatment plant permitting, alternative project delivery methods, utility planning for water and wastewater


Paul Jedamus

In Memorium
Friendship City Projects wishes to express our profound sorrow at the passing of Paul Jedamus, pictured above with Kenia Sanchez of Nicaragua, who Paul and his wife Mary Lu helped through college and graduate school. Paul was a long-time FCP supporter and Rotarian, and without him the Champigny water project could not have been finished. Paul has passed on but his memory will be with us and with Nicaragua forever. Muchisimas gracias, Pablo.

The water is flowing in Pasmata.

Friendship City Projects (FCP) continues to work with the people of the Jalapa Valley in Nicaragua, helping them help themselves through construction of potable water systems. The community provides the labor. FCP helps find funding and together we move forward (Adelante!).

FCP's most recent collaboration was with the community of Pasmata. Working together with the Boulder-based non-profit Second Mile Water and the people of Pasmata, the taps opened and water came forth in October of 2013, providing clean drinking water to over sixty families.

FCP's next project, again in conjunction with Second Mile Water, will be to work together with the community of El Trapiche to once more construct a fully functioning potable water system, carrying water from the mountains above the Jalapa Valley to the people below. We can only accomplish this with your help.

FCP also wants to thank all of its donors who made Pasmata a success, and we will be asking your help again to make El Trapiche the next success story. A special thank you to the Benito & Frances C. Gaguine Foundation for their matching grant, which was crucial in order for FCP & Pasmata to complete the water system.


Solar Ovens in Nicaragua

Friendship City Project will be partnering with the Nicaraguan non-profit FUPROSOMUNIC... we will look for a shorter name in English but the translation is Solar Women of Nicaragua. This organization works with impoverished rural women to build and promote the use of solar ovens and solar food dryers. Besides decreasing reliance on firewood for cooking and thus saving trees, the use of solar ovens lessens the amount of smoke inhalation in the home - especially for women, children and the elderly. The food dryers are used to dehydrate teas and fruits, which are then packaged and sold to provide income for the women and to help FUPROSOMUNIC become financially self-sustaining. FCP is proud to sponsor this organization as it seeks to promote the work it's doing in Nicaragua here in the U.S.


Jeff Walters
Volunteer Of The Year

On October 29, the Boulder Sister City Alliance and the Boulder City Council named Jeff "Volunteer Of The Year" for his work together with FCP on the Pasmata (Nicaragua) water system.

Listen to Jeff's plans to bring clean water to the people of Pasmata on KGNU 88.5 FM.


Clean water, healthy children.

Nicaraguan women and their solar ovens.

Jeff Walters with kids in Pasmata, Nicaragua.

Mission Statement

Boulder Jalapa Friendship City Projects, Inc. is dedicated to building peace and understanding between the people of Nicaragua and Colorado. Friendship City Projects, Inc. funds projects that have a social contract to create community and work for the greater good of its residents and fosters people-to-people diplomacy through organizing delegations to and from Nicaragua.
The project provides the framework which enables skilled volunteers to work in the Jalapa area of Nicaragua providing direct services and/or technical assistance

FCP Accomplishments in Nicaragua

Clean Water Systems

  • Teotecacinte, 1991
  • Chusli, 1994
  • Corozo, 1997
  • El Triunfo, 1998
  • Champigny, 2002
  • Champigny extension, 2003 - to support additional housing built by the Organization of American States
  • Pasmata, 2013

    Other Projects

  • Preschool built in Jalapa, 1986
  • High school built in Teotecacinte, 1995. Supported by Glenwood Springs.
  • Women’s sewing co-op support, 1985-1990
  • Radio program for women’s health issues, organized and sponsored since 1998
  • Primary School built in La Esperanza, 2005
  • Early Childhood and Preschool Center built in Champigny, 2007

    Humanitarian Relief

  • $2500 donated for hurricane victims on the Eastern coast of Nicaragua, 1988.
  • Hurricane Mitch, 1998: Provided medicines, medical personnel, and relief supplies. $15,000 donated for seeds to replant destroyed crops. $10,000 donated for construction materials to rebuild damaged roofs.
  • Construction of energy-efficient stoves, 1997-1999, 2007-2009, Organized and sponsored a program for communities around Jalapa, reducing the number of trees cut for firewood.
  • Friendship City coordinated with Rotary International to donate an ambulance to the municipality of Jalapa. 2000.