Rotary Video visit to Jalapa Valley, December 2016, celebrating the completion of the El Trapiche Water System rebuild.

Volunteers of the Year, 2016 Greg Bowles, 2018 Karla Pozo


Our Accomplishments in Nicaragua


Clean Water Systems

FCP has built water systems in six rural communities that previously had no access to potable water.

  • Teotecacinte, 1991
  • Chusli, 1994
  • Corozo, 1997
  • El Triunfo, 1998
  • Champigny, 2002
  • Champigny extension, 2003
  • Pasmata, 2013
  • El Trapiche 2016
  • Chusli 2017, 2018


Humanitarian Relief

  • $2500 donated for hurricane victims on the Eastern coast of Nicaragua, 1988.
  • Hurricane Mitch, 1998: Provided medicines, medical personnel, and relief supplies. $15,000 donated for seeds to replant destroyed crops. $10,000 donated for construction materials to rebuild damaged roofs.
  • Construction of energy-efficient stoves, 1997-1999, 2007-2009, Organized and sponsored a program for communities around Jalapa, reducing the number of trees cut for firewood.
  • Friendship City coordinated with Rotary International to donate an ambulance to the municipality of Jalapa. 2000.


Other Projects

  • Preschool built in Jalapa, 1986
  • High school built in Teotecacinte, 1995. Supported by Glenwood Springs.
  • Women’s sewing co-op support, 1985-1990
  • Radio program for women’s health issues, organized and sponsored since 1998
  • Primary School built in La Esperanza, 2005
  • Community Gardens 2005-2016
  • Justa Energy Efficient Wood stove coop 2010-2014
  • Small-Scale Sustainable Agriculture and Family Gardens Program, 2005-2010
  • Early Childhood and Preschool Center built in Champigny, 2007
  • Chulsi Community Center, 2016. Working with the CU Denver School of Architecture, Design Build.
  • Santa Rosa Community Center, 2017. Working with the CU Denver School of Architecture, Design Build.
  • The Nuevo Amanecer, July 2017 with the The Benito and Frances C. Gaguine Foundation matching grant.