FCP Board Members

Gregory Bowles Greg has worked in international development in one way or another over the last twenty years, which includes work with the Peace Corps as a volunteer in Mongolia and as staff in Bangladesh. He first went to Nicaragua as the representative of FCP in Jalapa, a job he held from 2000-2002. Greg has also worked in sustainable agriculture throughout Central America over the last decade, and currently works in development projects focused on Nicaragua and Nepal.

Mercedes Alvarez Mercedes is from Nicaragua, where her chemical engineering degree led her to government work in water treatment and analysis during the 1980′s and 1990′s. She worked for seven years in sustainable agriculture programs throughout Central America, while at the same time founding a non-profit in Nicaragua that helps impoverished women learn how to build and use solar ovens and solar food dryers. As executive director of this non-profit, Mercedes promotes healthy alternative lifestyles for rural Nicaraguans that also preserve and protect the environment.

Mercedes and Greg have been married for over ten years.


Zuza Bohley was born and raised in East Germany and was deported to West Berlin for political reasons during the Cold War. She received a Fulbright scholarship to study at the University of Texas at Austin and completed a MA in linguistics anthropology. She moved to Boulder, CO in 1991. She has worked as an educator for more than 20 years, working in bilingual as well as private schools. She is involved in the Boulder community, advocates for immigrants and inclusiveness, environmental education, empowerment of marginalized people, global awareness and peace.

She has been actively involved with FCP since 2006 and member of the FCP board since 2008


Barbara Bowerman
Newest Board Member Barbara Bowerman moved to Boulder in 1983. After receiving an undergraduate degree in environmental studies and a masters of science in environmental health sciences, Barbara’s professional career involved environmental regulatory work for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Interior. Outside of work, she has enjoyed, at least once, all of the outdoor activities offered by living in Colorado.

She first became involved with FCP through Project FE and decided she wanted to spend more time helping individuals and communities. She was impressed with the opportunities through FCP for artistic cultural exchange, education of the young, and continuing environmental work through the creation of clean water supplies. FCP seemed a perfect fit for volunteering her time towards these ends.

Fran├žoise Poinsatte has more than 20 years of experience working on environmental issues and political campaigns. Her work as an elected official on the Boulder City Council and on city boards has helped shape Boulder’s sustainability policy and programs, especially with transportation planning, waste reduction and Boulder’s Climate Action Plan. In the nineties, her work was focused on forest and wildlife conservation as an advocate with the Sierra Club and as a children’s environmental and art education teacher.

Francoise has taught French and art as a public school teacher in Colorado for many years. Her dedication to social justice and sustainable solutions led her to join Friendship City Projects at its inception in 1984, where she has been active as a board member since 2007.


Mark Van Nostrand

Mark brings years of water engineering experience.

His specialties include project management, treatment plant construction, treatment plant permitting, alternative project delivery methods, utility planning for water and wastewater

Mark Van Nostrand

Gary Mills has served on the FCP board since 1990. He has been directly involved in the engineering and management of four water systems in the Jalapa valley and has visited Nicaragua six times. Gary is an Aerospace Engineer with 30 years of experience in the design, analysis, fabrication, and test of thermal, cryogenic and optical systems. He has authored 25 publications in his field and holds three patents. He works at Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp. in Boulder.

Philip Wegener has been involved with Friendship City Projects since 2001. As an active board member and a professional photographer he has helped FCP by shooting projects, creating newsletters and shooting video to help publicize the many projects in the Jalapa Valley. He lives in Boulder with his wife.


FCP Staff


Karla Pozo began working with Pueblos Unidos/FCP in 2005, as a volunteer in the Pilot Huertos Familiares (Family Gardens) project in El Polvorin. In 2007, she began her first formal work contract, to extend the project into two more communities, and apply it in primary schools, hoping to bring nutritional security to Jalapa. She has had a great experience working with the Women’s Foundation of Jalapa, focused on organizing women toward the prevention and treatment of Cervical and Uterine Cancers.

Through her work with FCP, she has been trained in the methodology of Campesino a Campesino, organic agriculture, including creating natural fertilizers and pest-control strategies, and soil and water conservation. She also has formal training in community organizing, and has a diverse skill-set for working with people toward improving their lives using only their own resources. Karla is taking courses in Jalapa to further amplify her knowledge base, including accounting, applied math (statistics), and various agriculture courses. Her expectation is to share this information with the people she works with, and in this way she will be guaranteeing that the knowledge has no end, as it will continue penetrating new minds and creating new understanding for each person it reaches.

FCP Volunteers

Former Volunteers have included:

Brendan Shea
Gregory Bowles
Heidi Reukauf
Dennis and Betsy Duckett
Amy Sattler
Tamara Czyzyk
Dan and Hannah Egan