El Trapiche Water Project

Friendship City Project is embarking on yet another water project, this time to the rural Jalapa valley village of El Trapiche. This is your chance to double your donation! Thanks to a generous grant from the Benito & Frances C. Gaguine Foundation of Juneau, Alaska, every dollar you donate to provide clean drinking water to the rural Nicaraguan community of El Trapiche will be doubled.

FCP’s next major project will be to work together with El Trapiche in repairing a water system that is over a quarter of a century old and while doing so, we will add more families to the system and plan for future population growth. Right now, 208 families in El Trapiche are using a system that was originally designed for 93 families, and there are 56 families in the community that get no drinking water at all. FCP’s plan is to provide safe water for every family in El Trapiche, which means clean water for over 1,300 people. In addition, based on population growth estimates, we will help build a system that can add over 100 more families to this system, so that ultimately a total of over 1,800 people will be able to receive a regular supply of potable water.

As with all projects of this sort, the community provides all volunteer labor while FCP raises the funds for supplies and technical support. To make this happen, we need your help, but remember that your help will be doubled by the Gaguine Foundation matching grant. The total cost for this water project is $40,000, which means that FCP has to raise $20,000. That’s a little more than $11 for each person and a little more than $50 for each family that will use this water system.Your contribution, large or small, can help make this happen.


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