Solar Women of Nicaragua

Solar Women of Nicaragua is a Nicaraguan non-profit that in the U.S. works under the umbrella of FCP. The purpose of this organization is to provide and expand support to Nicaraguan women interested in solar alternatives to food preparation and solar methods for economic resources. We hope to open markets for solar products such as dried fruits and teas, working together with our partner organization in Nicaragua, The Solar Projects Foundation For Nicaraguan Women (FUPROSOMUNIC). This will help to generate income for women and provide self- sustainability for both organizations over the long term.

Since 2004, FUPROSOMUNIC has worked with families in rural and peri-urban areas in Nicaragua, promoting the use of solar energy through solar ovens, solar dryers for fruits and teas, water purification using the SODIS solar method and electrification with solar panels at the family level. As of April 2014, we have built 745 solar ovens, working with the beneficiaries of our projects for this construction work.

One of the fundamental goals of our organization in 2014 is the installation of The Eco -solar Center of Nicaragua, a demonstration farm where we will be able to process fruits and teas that will be dried by the sun. The center will also be a space for trainings and workshops for women and the work on the center will include installation of vegetable gardens and herb plantings, using organic and bio-intensive techniques.

In 2014, our organization received international recognition from Energy Globe of Austria. The videos below show our acceptance of the award.


Energy Globe Awards