Project Fe: Fostering Education

Project FE supports a small group of motivated Nicaraguan students in the pursuit of an education. We believe that education is a basic human right and has the ability to empower individuals and transform lives.

In one of the poorest regions in the Western Hemisphere, even the relatively modest costs of uniforms, school supplies and matriculation fees can push kids out of school. To help them overcome these obstacles, Project FE provides academic scholarships by linking students from rural communities to sponsors in the United States.

We competitively select students based on financial need, academics, personal statements and recommendations. Accepted students participate in service projects in their communities including reforestation, tutoring and health services outreach.

More than a scholarship, Project FE is a community. Our students receive year-round mentorship from our in-country representative, build connections with their sponsors and work together to overcome the many challenges before them.

Please visit our site below to learn how you can get involved!
Project Fe Website